/ between rivers / is a lifestyle brand at its humble beginnings. Founded in 2016, in New York City by Arthur Kulkov, / between rivers / was established with the goal of translating the city's energy and inspirations into menswear styles that were absent from Arthur’s own wardrobe. The brand focuses on basic categories creating functional and edgy design aesthetic. Very selectively, / between rivers / filters the noise of current trends in order to create pieces according to the brand’s values of authenticity. Individuality. Quality. Comfort. The result: a fusion of pure rawness and elegance.

The founder, Arthur Kulkov, with a lifelong passion for Style, decided to launch his own label after being an influencer in the fashion industry for over 15 years. The name / between rivers / comes as a literal translation of a town where Arthur was born, (Mezhdurechensk) located in Siberian region of Russia, former Soviet Union. Arthur spent the first 13 years of his life there before moving to the United States with his family. As a son of an immigrant, Arthur learned the importance of integrating his Russian heritage into the american culture. His acculturation became his strength. His strength became his aesthetic. His design philosophy – Low maintenance high fashion – emphasize elegance and comfort, pairing sophistication with simplicity in every step of defining and shaping / between rivers /.